Gmota Jam in connection with ‚Triple Birthday Jam‘

Liebe Leute,
kommenden Freitag 1. Mai ab 20:00 wird wieder im Café gemeinsam musiziert. Diesmal in Kombination mit einer musikalischen Geburtstagsfeier.

Liebe Leute, Dear friends, Chers amis, Queridos amigos !!

Spring is such a beautiful season ! The sun is taking care of our pale skins, we have already the pleasure to admire the birds singing and the flowers growing…
So time to celebrate !! And enjoy three important dates in this world :) : birthdays of Armin, Viky and Lou !!
So bring your better smile and your magic instruments, voices, clapping hands in GMOTA, friday the 1st of May !
Massive Jam session is promised, delicious dishes are welcomed (we need your help!) and also an open space dedicated to your crazy art skills !
Everyone is welcomed, so feel free to bring your friends to fill the place with good people !

Lou, Viky & Armin